Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Amulet of Glory or Amulet of Wealth

I haven't been able to play too much everyday so I've been slowly progressing to 60 Dungeoneering. Instead I thought I'd share an easy money making tip. 

An "Amulet of Glory" is always around 1.5k - 2k cheaper than a "Amulet of Glory (4)", when purchasing slightly under average and selling slightly higher. This means if you have finished Hero's Quest you can simply buy Amulet's of Glory off the GE, go charge them at the Hero's Guild and resell them for a profit. A Combat Bracelet will help you get back and forth making the process much faster. You can do these trips quite fast, in a minute and a half if you wear an Amulet of Glory and bank at Edgeville (it charges every time you make a trip as well!).  So in about 10 minutes you should have made yourself 200k. The main problem is The Grand Exchange limits you from buying infinite Amulet's of Glory and reselling them immediately. The cap for buying and reselling an item is 100 every 4 hours I believe (leave a comment if you know more info). You can avoid this by purchasing tons of amulets lower price over night or having friends trade you. However as an Amulet of Glory will fluctuate naturally over time you may lose money if you buy for too long while they decline, so this method is more about doing it in short bursts when you can. Think of it as a daily activity to do like Penguin Hide and Seek or Shooting Star.

Here's a graph to show the difference in glory amulet prices.

With enough friends or stocked up Amulets of Glory you could make 2M a hour with this method. However difficult that might be to achieve, for being able to easily make people 200k in 10 minutes, maybe it should be considered an Amulet of Wealth.

One last thing to note is that if you happen to have 89 Summoning a Geyser Titan would allow you to recharge them without leaving a bank at all. I don't have 89 Summoning yet, but if it works the same way as the fountain in Hero's Guild you could do an inventory in seconds.

Monday, 28 March 2011

96 Slayer and Other Terrible Things

Today I hit 96 Slayer. I'm slowly getting back into the routine of Slaying. Learning the new monsters, mainly Strykewyrms. I've been picking up all the valuable drops I can while slaying within reason. Bringing a War tortoise to Black Demons to collect ashes with Fally Teleport Tablets is a nice way to earn some money. I dream of having a Pack Yak to just bank things while doing a whole task in one trip. Sadly my Summoning level is only 85, but the road to 99 Slayer will bring charms to help.

It's also be bringing Effigys, which so far I've found 10 of. I didn't even know what they did but they seem like a great way to raise some of the more difficult or tedious skills. However, I'm not even sure what skill I'll use them on yet. Slayer would make getting 99 a lot faster, but if I use them on something else I'll end up doing more Slayer, finding more Effigys, Charms and other goodies.

Unfortunately while at Dagganoth Kings, for Slayer task of Dagganoth, I lagged losing everything in the below picture except Fury, Staff of Light and Barrow Gloves. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a special task so I can earn my Firecape back... at least I have my Barrows Gloves still.